Franquette Walnut Variety

Bursa Franquette Walnut Seedling Features

Franquette Walnut Tree

Of American origin, Franquette walnut seedlings are known to be the best pollinator for the Chandler variety. Since both varieties of walnuts are of American origin, they work in harmony and they both love continental climates. Both can easily grow at high altitudes. Both flower late and at the same time. May is the time of flowering for both. Franquette and Chandler Walnut Seedlings are very similar in tree and fruit characteristics.

  • Franquette is planted as a pollinator for Chandler.


  • General features are similar to Chandler


  • Fruit yield is 50%


  • It is a high quality walnut seedling, the fruit of which is easily separated from the shell.


  • It is not recommended to be planted in closed orchards, open areas are more suitable.


  • It is recommended to plant one Franquette as a pollinator cultivar for 15 Chandler trees.

Franquette Walnut Seedling Features

Although it is a pollinator it still gives fruit. It has longish shaped fruit
In comperision to other varieties the inner fruit ratio is relatively higher.
In comperision to other cultivars it is late variety. Thus, iIt is generally not affected by late spring frosts.
It is very successful in pollination as well as in production.

Franquette Walnut Seedling Features

Franquette walnut seedlings are productive on side branches and have a high yield with shiny fruits.

The weight of the Franquette fruit is approximately 12 g.

The weight of the inner fruit is approximately 5.3 gr, fruit ratio is %46-47 and the color is white.

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