Fernor Walnut Seedling

Bursa Fernor Walnut Seedling Features

Fernor Walnut Tree

Of French origin, Fernor Walnut Seedlings are the most preferred imported (foreign) variety of walnut seedlings which can be planted at high altitudes,  up to 1800 m altitudes. It has been determined that it can grow in Turkey and is productive at high altitudes. Fernor is a fruitful variety and not affected by frost down to -25 -30 degrees.

  • As regards the features of Fernor walnut seedling and its fruit, we have to say that Fernor is a late flowering French variety of walnut and should be recommended for areas with late frosts.


  • Side branches are high in fruit yield and resistant to sunburn.


  • Fernor grows in a semi upright manner. Fruits ripen late with high quality, light color, easy to store and has excellent flavor.


  • Pollinated by Fernette

Fernor Walnut Seedling Features

In terms of productivity and quality , it is one of the top cultivar in walnut farming.
It is a variety which is well adapted to high elevations
It is easily separated from shell. Can be smoothly separated from the shell.
It is resistant to  winter colds  up to -20 and -30 degrees .

We Produce Fernor Walnut Seedlings

We  produce Fernor seedlings.  Under our our guaranty,  you may prefer Fernor walnut seedlings for your orchard establishment; You can attain fruitful orchards with Cakir Seedlings.

Fernor Walnut Seedling Features

Ferner is wellknown as the most cold-resistant walnut variety.

It is easy to separate from the shell and can be consumed as dry and fresh.

Efficiency is higher compared to other varieties

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