Fernette Walnut Seedling

Bursa Fernette Walnut Seedling Features

Fernette Walnut Tree

Fernette is of French origin grafted foreign cultivar, pollinator of Fernor and  productive at side branches.  Fernette  well adopted to all climate conditions as Fernor. Fernette cultivar prefers cold climate like Fernor. Since it flowers together with Fernor at the beginning of May, it is not adversely affected by late spring frosts. As for autumn, the dormant period starts at beginning of  November. That means, the new offshoots closeed up. Thus, both the new offshoots and the rest of the tree are not affected by early autumn frosts.
Fernette Walnut Tree is planted as Fernor pollinator.

Side branches give a good yield.

Productive variety for pollination.

The ratio of walnut seedling to pollinator should be 1 to 15. So, for 100 Fernor trees in the orchard there should be 95 Fernor walnut trees and 5 Fernette walnut trees.

Fernette Walnut Seedling Features

Has high side branches yield.
Compatible with continental climates
It is easily separated from the shell and has white inner fruit.
Productive for pollination

Fernette Walnut Seedling Features

Fernette Walnut Seedling is a Franguetta X Lara hybrid.

It is of French origin and a productive variety.

It is late flowering.

Fernette Walnut Seedling is Fernor’s pollinator.

It is used as a pollinator for Fernor cultivar.

We produce Fernette Walnut Seedlings

We produce and plant Fernette walnut seedlings.

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