Chandler Walnut Seedling

Bursa Chandler Walnut Seedling Features

Chandler Walnut Tree

Chandler  has been planted by professional and small investors for 12 years and it proved itself as  walnut variety with high fruit yield.   Of American origin, intensively grown  in  California, Chandler is worldwide accepted  walnut cultivars.

  • Chandler walnuts can be grown at an average altitude of 1000-1100 meters above sea level. Therefore, we recommend that Chandler cultivar to be planted  below 1000-1100 meters.


  • It should be palanted with the right pollinators such as franchette and fernette.. For an appropiriate pollination one franquette or fernette seedling for 15  Chandler  seedlings is recommended.


  • Because the Chandler tree is efficient on the side branches, it is a suitable variety for corridor planting. We plant these at 7 × 6. spacing..

Features of Chandler Cultivar

In terms of productivity and  quality Chandler is very promising grafted variety and has a bright future.
It grows at altitudes above 1100 meters in Turkey. Chandler walnut seedling grows in severe autumn climate at 900 meters and mild weather at 1200 meters.
Thin-shelled, smooth, oval shape.
Very productive with 85% – 90% e bud yield

We produce Chandler Walnut Seedlings

We produce and plant Chandler walnut seedlings. You can choose our Chandler walnut seedlings for your orchard establishment and you can have productive orchards with Cakir Seedlings.

Chandler Walnut Seedling Features

Chandler walnut is the most important commercial walnut variety of the USA.

Thin-shelled, slightly rough, oval shape

It is easy to separate from the shell and suitable for dry and fresh .consumption

Having  85-90%  bud yield, it is very productive.

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