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Chandler Walnut Seedling, Fernor Walnut Seedling, Fernette Walnut Seedling, Chandler Walnut Seedling, Orchard Establishment   and Management
Walnut Seedling Production
Our expert team  produce Chandler, Fernor, Fernette and Franquette Walnut Seedlings in Bursa, with our exclusive  production technology .
Orchard Establishment
After a comprehensive site assessment,  the most productive cultivars are determined, planting spacing is calculated and  planted in your orchard by our experienced team.
Orchard Management
According to the needs of your orchard, winter and summer pruning, harvest and post-harvest pruning, irrigation and fertilization are performed.

Our Certificate

We sell our MAF ratified and certified,  grafted walnut seedlings with notarized  contract.

International Sales

Çakır Nursery , exports seedlings  to Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Arabia.

Chandler Walnut Variety

It is a very productive American walnut variety. It is thin-shelled, smooth surface and oval shape and has 85% -90%. buds yield.

Fernor Walnut Variety

It is of French origin, late flowering walnut variety. It has the ability of early fruit setting. It has a high fruit yield. It is not affected by frosts up to -25 -30 degrees in winter.

Fernette Walnut Variety

Fernette Walnut Seedling  is used as a pollinator for Fernor and Chandler cultibvars . Since, it can easily be separated from the shell, the value of the fernor is increased.

Franquette Walnut Seedling

Franquette Walnut Seedling is planted as a pollinator for Chandler trees. It is a resistant variety and popular with a high fruit yield.

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